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Lag in Minecraft

Posted: 18th October 2013 by Jab in Minecraft
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Are you experiencing ‘LAG’ in your minecraft session. A lot of people will deem that lag will come from the server your connected to and that it cannot handle the load. Others will say that its your Internet connection, or your ping time. Well I have a few things that I can share and I […]

Installing Debian Wheezy

Posted: 11th October 2013 by Jab in Server
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So everyone at work was telling me how I should try out Debian on my server at work because it is so much more stable then Ubuntu – Currently running Ubuntu 12.04 LTE server edition. So I headed over to and downloaded a copy of Debian. Then I fired up my virt-manager from my local machine […]

Forgot your MySQL Password? No worries

Posted: 26th July 2013 by Jab in Server
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Step 1 – Stop mysql service # /etc/init.d/mysql stop You should see something like this Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld. Step 2 – Start MySQL server with out password # mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables & You can also run service mysql start –skip-grant-tables You should see something like this Starting MySQL.. SUCCESS! Step 3 – Connect to […]