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Patience and Time

Posted: 15th November 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I see heaven when I look in your eye I cannot let this love pass me bye I have seen your beauty I have seen your grace I have heard your words I have seen my place I feel your touch; a touch I cannot live without I see your smile, speechless without a doubt […]

Recognize Love

Posted: 15th November 2001 by Jab in Poetry

Why is it that we don’t always recognize the moment When love begins Yet we always know When it ends   Is it because we are scared to face the reality The indescribable truth Or is it we feel safe in love … and when that Is taken away We face fear   A kiss […]

I toss I turn

Posted: 10th November 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I lay here awake thinking to myself, Thinking out loud. I wonder why … I wonder how. Sometimes I sit here and sometimes I don’t. I toss and turn. Thinking … why so hard? This tension, burning, desire; That cannot be fulfilled. Why? I can think all night, I can stay awake. I want to […]