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Minecraft Help

Posted: 8th July 2022 by Jab in Minecraft
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I recently reached out to Minecraft as after about 48 hours of constantly running the game, upon death the game will not reconnect to my server. Instead I get ‘Failed to connect to the server’ ‘ Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher). Here is my experience with my question […]

How to Mod your Minecraft with Forge

Posted: 21st March 2014 by Jab in Minecraft
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Looking for an easy guide to modding your Minecraft? Are you tired of searching the internet and not finding the answers you need? I was. There for I decided to create my own tutorial on how to mod your Minecraft. Stay tuned and this page will be updated with all the info you will need […]

Lag in Minecraft

Posted: 18th October 2013 by Jab in Minecraft
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Are you experiencing ‘LAG’ in your minecraft session. A lot of people will deem that lag will come from the server your connected to and that it cannot handle the load. Others will say that its your Internet connection, or your ping time. Well I have a few things that I can share and I […]