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Now and Then

Posted: 26th September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

Make up your mind I am going insane I cannot stand this Constant toying with my brain You tell me how you feel Then we are through I am not even sure what I am going to do Did you think about me too? This isn’t the end Was that pretend? Many letters to you […]

Lasting Forever

Posted: 24th September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

Forever; together Together we last   Lasting forever Together we pass   Forever   – Lasting Forever

My love you are not

Posted: 22nd September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I would move the mountains just to say all the things I need to say, to feel all the feelings I have for you. I would swim the depths of the ocean to share my love, that is so endless to embrace you! I would walk to the edge of the world and back; counting […]

Should be me

Posted: 21st September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I hope someday, someone will Treat you like I did.   And say all The beautiful things I said   To bring that smile Upon your face   That lights a room in Endless ways   That lifts your spirits High above   And shows you countless Ways of love   Takes your breath away […]

One Reason

Posted: 16th September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I see you smile, once not so bright Though time has passed; strong we unite There has not been a time, I looked into your eyes And never seen us, not together The frustration is here, and times are rough Though I think of you; silently I cannot imagine what feelings I would have If […]

Precious Moments

Posted: 16th September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

Darkness falls across the land. leaving me standing, holding out my hand. Wishing and praying, to the one up above Am I the one, whom she’s in love?   I ask myself many times at night When I goto bed, when I hold you tight When I kiss your neck, ears and hair Am I […]

So Like You

Posted: 15th September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I see you smile, so affectionate. I see your eyes, so beautiful. I touch your face, so soft. I hear you speak, so wise. I listen to your words, so reassuring. I see your hands, so like mine. I see your tears, so anguished. I touch your heart, so incomplete. I see your pain, so […]


Posted: 14th September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

Through the night, a peaceful scene. Tossing and turning Is this a dream?   I see your face, a smile so bright. A smile to me, is my delight.   I will not stop, I will not rest. To make you happy, will be my quest.   This rocky road, I will not fear. The […]


Posted: 11th September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I catch a glimpse of your affectionate smile, softly towards my direction. I can see your lips, your sensuous way, behind them a look of guilt, overcome by feelings, overwhelming with unlimited circumstances. An embrace at the end of the night, made my heart filled with joy. With unexplained feelings rushing through a head of […]

Not Mine

Posted: 3rd September 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I may not fully understand why! I may not fully understand how! But when I see you smile, When he holds you tight. I then understand; now!   – Not Mine