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Growin up was fun

Posted: 8th November 2019 by Jab in Casual

I was raised on the Southside of Tucson. We didn’t HAVE to wear designer clothes but wore designer jeans (Levi’s 501’s) or we wore what our parents bought us. You thought your parents were rich if you went to, JC Penney’s, Mervyn’s and Sears. Socks with the ball on the back ankles were cool! Jellie […]

The Passing

Posted: 12th June 2019 by Jab in Casual

It saddens me to say that my mother-in-law of 15 years has passed away on June 8th. She was a kind soul and loved everyone. As far as I remember she has always talked abut wanting to be with her mama, who passed away when she was 10. We are not sure why the initial […]

Love this shot

Posted: 2nd May 2019 by Jab in Casual

Created this many years ago and still one of my favorites.

Posted: 10th April 2019 by Jab in Casual

So I broke my leg, and my ankle while I was out on a deliver for Door Dash back on March 24th. I had to have emergency surgery to add a plate to my tibia and my ankle. Here are the X-Ray

I purchased a Microsoft Go for my daughter on her 10th birthday. She is wanting to get into animation and creating YouTube videos. I have a copy of Adobe CS6 that I want to install on her device. We got the 32Gb model with a 128Gb external SD card.  While trying to install, Adobe kept […]

Things I trust more than you! 

Posted: 25th November 2017 by Jab in Casual

Eclipse 2017

Posted: 22nd August 2017 by Jab in Casual

I wish I can sit here and say, my mom took me out when I was younger and showed me the stars. That we took a camping trip when Halley’s Comment came soaring by and we studied the skies together. I wish I can say that my dad took me out and pointed out all […]

Nothing wrong here – Move along!

Posted: 6th May 2014 by Jab in Casual

How to save a SnapChat image or video

Posted: 2nd June 2013 by Jab in Casual, Useless Info

So you have this cool app called SnapChat – and you get clips all day long of cute pictures and funny videos – and within seconds its gone. Never to be found again. Or is it?  With a little digging and a some hacking – I believe to have found a clue on Android at […]

Removing Activation

Posted: 21st April 2013 by Jab in Casual

Microsoft has released an update to Windows 7 Activation Technologies (KB971033), which improves its effectiveness and success rate to detect more than 70 known and potentially dangerous activation bypasses, cracks or exploits. For Windows 7 users who are using counterfeit or pirated copies of Windows 7 on the machine, the KB971033 can potentially causing havoc to the computer […]