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Once Again

Posted: 25th October 2001 by Jab in Poetry

So many times I try to tell you exactly how I feel Without hesitation that your feelings will be the same I would pray at times for a love so great So reassuring and so endless Although my life has seemed so shallow and so distant Love has been taken from me once to the […]

Path to Destiny

Posted: 20th October 2001 by Jab in Poetry

As your life before you, you have now come to a clearing where your destiny splits into two different directions…   You have not had to make a decision like this before. So how can you choose?   One path leads you to … Your every desire, a for filling destiny of: Happiness, love, attention, […]


Posted: 17th October 2001 by Jab in Poetry

I look out the window and what do I see But the reflection of myself looking back at me   It never used to be like this, or any time before I used to see my dreams, and everything I had in store   Recently my mind had been clouded, and I don’t know why […]

Sands of Time

Posted: 15th October 2001 by Jab in Poetry

As we walk the sands of time Hand in hand together in twine Not a moment to soon, nor a moment to late Our hands together as one, for this is fate A crisp light kernel, elegant and sheer A granulate of sand, becomes closer and near A look much closer will certainly reveal A […]