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More weight loss BS

Posted: 23rd February 2017 by Jab in Weight Loss

It’s that time of the year again. Where everyone is at their wits about their diets and their health plans. Every year we strive to do better with our diet and with maintaining our physique. Last year I stated the Wheat Belly plan. It is a great plan, it takes out all grains from your […]

Cauliflower Pizza

Posted: 2nd March 2013 by Jab in Medifast, Weight Loss

So I tried out the Cauliflower Pizza Crust from Sandys Kitchen Adventures you can find it here. However I wasn’t too keen on using Cheese in my meals as I want to lose the weight and cheese is my downfall – Hence why I love the new┬áMacaroni & Cheese. So I have slightly modified the […]

Weekly update – Down 5lbs

Posted: 19th March 2012 by Jab in Biking, Weight Loss
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So here is my weekly workout – Last week between 3.14 – 3.17 22.12 – Total Miles 2.43 – Total Hours 5 – Workouts 956 – Total Calories Today when I weighed myself on the scale it said 257.5 – Not too back thats down about 5 lbs. Too bad it was raining today on […]

Back to riding

Posted: 17th March 2012 by Jab in Biking, Weight Loss
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Took a couple of days off to heal from the biking – but decided to get right back into it because I am serious about getting some of this weight off. So rode my bike to work today for the first time – wasn’t too bad. Can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so […]

Took another ride today

Posted: 15th March 2012 by Jab in Biking, Weight Loss
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So decided to ride on the trail by my home – the Jordan River Trail – I have to say it was pretty nice. Kinda reminded me of the Santa Cruz Trail in Tucson, but with water. Here are the stats for this ride. 6.54 – Miles 44:02 – Time 8.9 mi/hr – Average Speed […]

First bike ride today

Posted: 14th March 2012 by Jab in Biking, Weight Loss
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Rode my bike into work today to see how long it would actually take me – here are the stats 3.87 – Miles 25:27 – Time 9.1 mi/hr – Average Speed 167 – Calories burned You can track it here Then I rode back after having breakfast with my brother – here are those stats […]

Got a new Bicycle

Posted: 13th March 2012 by Jab in Biking, Casual, Weight Loss

Got a new bicycle today – I will be using this to get myself into shape — it has been like 18 years since I rode a bike and can’t wait to start riding again. Workout will begin tomorrow so here are my stats to start the week off. Current weight is 263lbs.