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virt-manager on Mac OSX

Posted: 12th October 2013 by Jab in Server
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Since there is no real easy way to do this and since virt-manager is not for OSX – Here is the best thing we can do. Since I have virt-manager installed on my linux machine at work – and I can connect to that machine from home. Here is what I can do. Open a […]

Installing Debian Wheezy

Posted: 11th October 2013 by Jab in Server
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So everyone at work was telling me how I should try out Debian on my server at work because it is so much more stable then Ubuntu – Currently running Ubuntu 12.04 LTE server edition. So I headed over to and downloaded a copy of Debian. Then I fired up my virt-manager from my local machine […]

Forgot your MySQL Password? No worries

Posted: 26th July 2013 by Jab in Server
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Step 1 – Stop mysql service # /etc/init.d/mysql stop You should see something like this Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld. Step 2 – Start MySQL server with out password # mysqld_safe –skip-grant-tables & You can also run service mysql start –skip-grant-tables You should see something like this Starting MySQL.. SUCCESS! Step 3 – Connect to […]

Installing Java 7 on Ubuntu 12.04

Posted: 27th March 2013 by Jab in Server, Ubuntu

Installing Java on Ubuntu 12.04 – to the novice can be a not so easy task .. but thanks to my installs of this OS on my server I believe I have it down pat .. here is what I do .. and this should work for you as well .. First you just want […]

Server back online again!

Posted: 27th March 2013 by Jab in Minecraft, Server, Web Design

Server went down again – not sure why .. so I completely de-banned the harddrives making sure nothing on them was causing any issues – ran a fsck on the drives all turned out well – s0 .. I put on Ubuntu back on Server 12.04 LTS – and starting to put everything back on […]

Server Setup

Posted: 6th March 2013 by Jab in Server

Setting up Coloc Installed programs – ZNC – Used for IRC Client Virtualization with KVM – For adding Virtual Machines Added Java – sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre Added Subsonic Music Application Added new Virtual Machine of 25gb for Minecraft Installed Java –  sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre Installed Bukkit Server Installed Essentials, Vault, Citizens plugins