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Posted: 1st May 2005 by Jab in Poetry

Waiting patiently, abruptly, calmly, anxiously… For a sound so pleasant, so arousing to hear. When you hear, this sound so sweet, with your crying eyes you look up… Looking scared and unaware; innocent… At the same time charming and sweet; beautiful. As you take – touch for the first time, holding and smelling; crying and […]

Love is a beautiful thing

Posted: 15th August 2003 by Jab in Poetry

Love is a beautiful thing When you are in love nothing else matters you can cross a river without getting tired hick a mountain high above. You are not bound by any circumstances you are lifted with joy and anxiety the world can crumble down but as long as you are with the one you […]

Love is

Posted: 15th January 2003 by Jab in Poetry

Love is not a fairy tale Love is not a dream Love is not an inspiration Although so it seems!   – Love is

My Last Chance

Posted: 15th November 2002 by Jab in Poetry

I have cut boundaries I have taken chances This is my last chance I don’t want to chase anymore I don’t want to fail anymore I don’t want to cry anymore I want to breathe To feel free To have those butterflies once again To be touched and loved only By your hands and heart […]

I Promise

Posted: 15th June 2002 by Jab in Poetry

I promise to love you And treat you right I promise to care for you And hold you tight   I promise to be there Through thick and thin I promise to be there Till the very end   I promise you this A promise to keep I promise my love To take this leap […]

My Only Dream

Posted: 15th April 2002 by Jab in Poetry

I want to hold you … all night. To let you know everything… will be alright. To hold you close .. in my arm To bring you happiness .. without harm Seeing you smile .. a beautiful sight Wishful dreams .. throughout the night In the night .. while I hold you near Whispering words […]

Set you Free

Posted: 15th April 2002 by Jab in Poetry

Sometimes I lay in bed awake Not knowing what I should take Or the consequences of my mistake Forever I have lost the love of my life A gorgeous bride… who was my wife Although at times it seems to pass I find myself looking through my window glass Given reality, is no easy task […]

Nature of Life

Posted: 15th February 2002 by Jab in Poetry

As the meadow flow down to the stream, The peaceful whistles of the bird calm and sooths ones mind. The crystals like sound of the water crashing Against the rocks in a silence only the underworld Can hear. The smell of natures best floral reefs, of ferns and of pines. At night, listening to the […]


Posted: 15th December 2001 by Jab in Poetry

Have you seen a field blowing with the wind? The peaceful breeze flowing freely through each grain. The freedom of not worrying about anything. The graceful swaying back and forth. The gentle sound of the crisp wind against the field. As if they are communicating. So soft, so peaceful, so wonderful. The sun just setting […]

Just for you (An Angel in Disguise)

Posted: 14th December 2001 by Jab in Poetry

A feeling so right can I be wrong? Feeling this temptation, your affection I long. A kiss of your lips, trembles I hide Butterflies are awakened inside. Overcome with emotional sensation You can only be one of God’s creations. An Angel Taken by a beautiful smile You make my day all worthwhile. No time and […]