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Posted: 17th February 2000 by Jab in Poetry

Beauty and grace, a warm embrace Loves written all over your face Up for the chase But just in case I don’t want to seem out of place.   – Untitled

Wishing Well

Posted: 15th February 2000 by Jab in Poetry

Wishing well ‘o Wishing well, Where do I stand? Wishing no more, Can you lend a hand?   Wishing well I ask, What lies for me ahead? For these emotions are running, Wild in my head.   Wishing well I say Bring me a brighter day. Not asking for much, Just a push along the […]

Take me

Posted: 12th February 2000 by Jab in Poetry

Sometimes I just want to die … Take me Lord, for I am yours. A lost soul beat many times over by love.   Take me Lord, for all the wrong reasons. I have tried so hard to accomplish, yet seem to fail every time.   Take me Lord, and set me free, of this […]