Installing Debian Wheezy

Posted: 11th October 2013 by Jab in Server
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So everyone at work was telling me how I should try out Debian on my server at work because it is so much more stable then Ubuntu – Currently running Ubuntu 12.04 LTE server edition.

So I headed over to and downloaded a copy of Debian.

Then I fired up my virt-manager from my local machine and created a 50GB virtual drive on my main server. 4 cores and 8GB ram.

Started the installation and choose SSH Server and Standard System Utilities on the software selection.

All went well and now at a command prompt to log in.

Logged in and the first thing I wanted to do is install VIM and ctags

So trying to sudo to root – I noticed that my user was not in the sudoers file – then I realized that I created a password for the root user when I installed. Doing this it does not install sudo on the machine. I guess some sort of precautionary measure.

So I had to su to root – then do an apt-get install sudo to install sudo .. very easy.
Then I added my user to the sudo file with: adduser user sudoers

Now I was able to apt-get install vim and ctags with no issues.

Now what do I do with it?