More weight loss BS

Posted: 23rd February 2017 by Jab in Weight Loss

It’s that time of the year again. Where everyone is at their wits about their diets and their health plans. Every year we strive to do better with our diet and with maintaining our physique. Last year I stated the Wheat Belly plan. It is a great plan, it takes out all grains from your diet and you basically eat just meats and vegetables. You can substitute white flour with almond flour to make breads for instance. Corn is not allowed so your oil is reduced to olive oil and coconut oil. This plan was a perfect plan for those that are diabetic as it cuts out all sugars as well. Thus brining by blood sugar numbers down from the high 200 to 90’s.

Last year around October I fell off that diet. I was doing really well and lost about 20 lbs. I wasn’t counting my carb intake at all I just basically changed what I was eating. After we had some other medical issues going on, I got depressed and just starting eating, and gained all my weight back. Non the less I stated the plan again this year, as things are looking better.  The goal is to stay on this plan and just eat healthy. I was able to do it most of last year with very little effort.

So I am starting again this year with a weight of 250 lbs. My goal is to be a little more strict than I was last year and lose 25 – 30 lbs this year if not 50. Of course I will try and keep an update on my progress.

I do have back surgery in April. They are going to be fusing L4 – S1. That will put be out of commission for approximately 4 – 6 weeks.  This will allow me to have a better more active lifestyle. In which I am wanting to go out hiking more. Walk the dogs more. Play with my kids more. Overall just be more active.

Keep tuned on the progress and wish me luck.