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So I broke my leg, and my ankle while I was out on a deliver for Door Dash back on March 24th. I had to have emergency surgery to add a plate to my tibia and my ankle.

Here are the X-Ray

I purchased a Microsoft Go for my daughter on her 10th birthday. She is wanting to get into animation and creating YouTube videos. I have a copy of Adobe CS6 that I want to install on her device. We got the 32Gb model with a 128Gb external SD card.  While trying to install, Adobe kept throwing an error that it could not install to the external Drive. I even tried to change the default location of where to install apps and that did not work. Luckily her dad knows a trick or two. Here is what I did to ‘fool’ the system and make it work.

  1. Right click on the windows menu and choose Disk Management.
  2. Right click on the partition you want to install Adobe applications to. In my case it was D: SDEX
  3. Next click on “Change Drive Letters and Paths…”
  4. Now click Add.
  5. Select a folder on the C drive that you want to use as your mount point.  I chose Adobe
  6. Click OK.

Now when you I restarted my install I simply chose the Adobe directory and the installer thought it was really installing on the C: drive. Instant success.

Unlimited Cats

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Pizza Slut


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Doom ?

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Create a Ringtone on iOS

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1. Create ringtone

2. Import file into iTunes library

3. Right click on file and create AAC version

4. Drag AAC version to desktop

5. Delete AAC version from library

6. Rename AAC version on desktop from yourtone.m4a to yourtone.m4r

7. It will prompt you “Are you sure you want to use m4r” click yes to m4r

8. Import the file from your desktop back into your library. It should import right into the Tones folder then

9. Sync with iPhone, making sure the ringtone is either checked or ALL tones are checked

Linux Stuff in ROOT

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